One Act. Big Impact.

Purchase a Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation Raffle ticket to help uplift and empower Michigan communities. And you could win up to $20,000 when the next Raffle opens.1

Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation Raffle


Thanks for your interest in the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation Raffle! The Raffle is currently closed, and tickets are no longer available for purchase. We’ll select a winner on December 12, 2023, during the Raffle drawing.


Tickets for the next Raffle will be available for purchase January 15, 2024, thru February 29, 2024.


By working together with other Lake Trust members, you have the power to make an even greater impact in Michigan communities. When you purchase a Raffle ticket for $20, a portion of your funds will support the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation. See official House Rules for more details.



Members had a chance to win up to $20,000!1
A Raffle winner will be selected on December 12, 2023.

How it works.


Through the Lake Trust Credit Union Foundation, your support will make a positive impact on wellbeing causes, like entrepreneurial education, access to fresh food, community revitalization, and post-secondary educational opportunities. Through our nonprofit, we provide grants, donations, and scholarships to enhance community wellbeing. Purchasing a Raffle ticket is a simple way to help more individuals and families in Michigan thrive.

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Visit your local Lake Trust branch.


Buy a ticket (or a few) for $20 each.


See if you’re the lucky winner of up to $20,000 on the drawing date (December 12).


Feel good knowing that you helped support your community and created a positive impact.